About Coates Books

"Coates Books" is the bookshop we never had! It's a small site at the moment but we have much to add to it. Our family loves reading and would have liked to have run our own bookshop - but we were too busy enjoying our teaching careers. Now we are both retired, this website has been designed and developed, thanks to our friend David Holstein. We are very grateful to him! We have two grown up children who are now married and have a super young grandson, Gabriel, who we adore and to whom the "Froggie" books are dedicated. We have always had lots of hobbies and interests but had no idea that "Frog on a Bike" stories would become so important to us! It began as a bit of fun, but gradually Alan realised he would like to share his book with family and friends and other children. We do hope you like the stories!

If you have questions about ordering our books, or any other matter, please email us at: